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Hi-Craft™ Tools

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Concrete Trowel

Hi-Craft™ Concrete Trowel

  • Carbon steel blade with aluminum mounting.
  • Fitted with camelback wood handle.
Cali Mahogany Wood Float

Hi-Craft™ Cali Mahogany Wood Float

  • Made of Asian Mahogany.
  • Float is 3-1/2" wide and 1/2" thick.
  • Fitted with a smooth wood handle.
Fresno Trowels with Swivel Bracket

Hi-Craft™ Fresno Trowels with Swivel Bracket

  • 360 degree all-angle bracket lets you work at any angle.
  • Round end Fresno eliminates marking or gouging slabs. Handle bracket with specific adapters will accept button or threaded extension handles and also clevis wood handles.
  • Handles ordered separately

Hi-Craft™ Aluminum Concrete Edger

  • Available in 2 different styles.
  • Fitted with wood handle.

Hi-Craft™ Aluminum Concrete Groover

  • Available in 2 different styles.
  • Fitted with wood handle.
Concrete Edger

Hi-Craft™ Concrete Edger

  • Edger is 6" x 3" and has 1/4" radius.
  • Ends are turned up so it won't gouge concrete.
  • Fitted with wood handle.
Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium Econo Mag Float Standard Wood Handle

Hi-Craft™ Genuine Extru-Lite™ Lightweight Magnesium Econo Mag Float

  • Blade "Broken-in" with beveled ends.
  • Tough durable Extru-Lite Magnesium™ blade.
  • Precise handle position gives the float perfect balance and superb floating action.
  • Thin edges and smooth rounded corners gives this float that perfect "broken-in" feel
Universal Groover

Hi-Craft™ Universal Groover

  • Popular among concrete finishers from coast to coast.
  • This groover lasts longer because it is rivet-free.
  • Has 6" x 3" blade and cuts a clean 1/2" x 1/2" groove.
Texture Gun & Hopper

Hi-Craft™ Texture Gun & Hopper

  • The new Hi-Craft™ texture gun & hopper is lightweight, easy to use and is molded from high impact plastic.
  • Sprays variety of drywall textures including stucco, & decking material.
  • Gun comes complete with 2 air nozzles, adjustable orifice plate for texture adjustment, locking trigger system for less fatigue and large 2 gallon hopper.
  • Hopper has built in angle for maximum fill and operates on 6.25 C.F.M. free air at 25 P.S.I.
5 in 1 Combination Tool

Hi-Craft™ 5 in 1 Combination Tool

  • 5 tools in 1, scraper, seam opener, spreader, putty remover and a cutout that removes paint from rollers.
Linoleum Knife

Hi-Craft™ Linoleum Knife

  • Lets you easily make even, accurate cuts in hard core vinyl or softer materials.
  • Extra heavy sharp point. Made of carbon steel.
Hand Sander

Hi-Craft™ Hand Sander

  • Hard plastic fitted with soft comfortable textured handle for improved grip.
  • Paded sanding face provides a more uniform surface for sanding.
  • Use with pre-cut drywall sandpaper or 1/2 of 8" x 11" sheet.
Pole Sander

Hi-Craft™ Plastic Pole Sander

  • Made of hard plastic. Makes for easier sanding of walls and ceilings.
  • Padded sanding face provides a more uniform surface for sanding.
  • Use with pre-cut drywall sandpaper or 1/2 of 8" x 11" sheet.
  • Swivel handle bracket accepts standard broom threaded handle.
  • Handle not included.
Metal Pole Sander

Hi-Craft™ Metal Pole Sander

  • Lightweight aluminum pole sander with 48" wood handle.
  • Female end used with acme threaded handle.
Brick Trowel

Hi-Craft™ Brick Trowel

  • Brick trowel is made of tempered steel, taper ground.
  • Fitted with wood handle.
  • 10" blade.
Hammer End Putty & Joint Knives

Hi-Craft™ Hammer End Putty & Joint Knives

  • New joint knives designed for many applications, including drywall and putty.
  • Carbon blades ground for flexibility with nylon handle.
Stainless Steel Threaded Handle Scrapers

Hi-Craft™ Stainless Steel Threaded Handle Scrapers

  • Stainless steel bent scrapers with single bevel.
  • Molded, threaded end can be used with standard threaded handle.
  • Soft handle, for comfortable grip and less fatigue.
Caulking Trowels

Hi-Craft™ Caulking Trowels

  • Trowels are made of carbon steel and ground for flexibility.
  • Fitted with wood handle.
Pointing Trowel

Hi-Craft™ Pointing & Margin Trowel

  • Blade is made of tempered steel, taper ground and fitted with wood handle.
Grout Saw

Hi-Craft™ Grout Saw

  • Non-slip comfort handle.
  • Fitted with two blades.
  • Use one blade for thin grout joints and two blades for thicker grout joints.
Tile Pliers/Nipper

Hi-Craft™ Tile Pliers / Nipper

  • Made of forged tool steel with 5/8" wide offset jaws.
  • Carbide tipped edges assures easy and accurate cutting of tile every time.
  • Rubber coated handles for comfortable grip.
  • Cuts wall tile, thin vistreous, and quarry tile.
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