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Kraft Brick Rules & Tapes

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Modular Rule

Kraft Modular Rule

  • Lists modular spacings on one side; feet, inches, eighths and sixteenths on the other side.
  • Choice of thick hardwood or fiberglass.
  • Ruler features six scales.
  • First section is short for butting rule on first 16" module.
  • Legs have square ends.
Spacing Rule

Kraft Spacing Rule

  • Lists ten course spacing on one side, has inches, eighths and sixteenths on other side.
  • Choice of thick hardwood or fiberglass.
  • Joints lubricated for smooth opening and closing.
Brick Mason's Rule for King Size Brick

Kraft Brick Mason's Rule for King Size Brick

  • This mason's spacing rule is for oversized brick.
  • These brick have 2-3/4" hgt and spacings at 2-7/8" and go to 3-1/2" in 1/16" increments.
  • This brick spacing rule will be identified with black letter "A" through "K".
Extension Folding Rule

Kraft Extension Folding Rule

  • Graduated brass slide on first section extends 6".
  • Brass plated, riveted lock joints eliminate end play.
  • Also has brass end caps and end strike plates.
  • Markings are embedded in wood on both sides, and on both edges to 16ths with red stud markings on 16" centers.
Engineer Folding Rule 1066D &1066DM Lufkin

Kraft Lufkin® Engineer Folding Rule

  • Red end folding rule is the finest engineer rule made.
  • Graduations: inside markings in feet, 10ths and 100ths of feet.
  • Foot numbers in red, repeated each inch and 10th of a foot.
Mason's Tapes

Kraft Mason's Tapes

  • 16' Spacing Tape has space markings; and feet, inches on one edge of blade.
  • Modular tape has modular markings for all common bricks; and feet, inches on one edge of blade.
4 Tapes in 1 rule of Thumb™

Kraft Mason's Layout and Coursing Rule

4 Tapes in 1 rule of Thumb™
  • 25' Mason's Rule covers all brick sizes: Modular, Queen sized, King sized, Pavers and Brick-Block up to 4" high.
  • Great layout tool.
  • 16" Mark on tape serves as a counter to easily determine the number of blocks or studs to locate wall tie points.
Quik Read Power Tape

Kraft Quik Read Power Tape

  • 25 'x 1" Tape measure
  • Easy to read vertical tape
  • Numbers both in fractions and decimals
  • Handy belt clip.
  • Top quality durable plastic case
  • Heavy-duty spring
25' Carpenter's Tape Measure

Kraft 25' Carpenter's Tape Measure

  • 25' x 1" Tape measure
  • Rubber grip
  • Active bumper
  • Heavy-duty spring
Lufkin Power Tapes

Kraft Lufkin Power Tapes

  • Easy to read black markings on yellow steel tape.
  • Top quality durable plastic case with handy belt clip.
  • Choose the one you need.
200' Tape Measure

Kraft 200' Tape Measure

  • 200' x 1/2" Tape measure
  • Numbers in feet, 10th's and 100's
  • Nylon coated steel tape
  • Handy easy reel handle
  • Top quality durable plastic case
Walking Tape

Kraft Walking Tape

  • Measure horizontal and vertical surfaces quick and easy.
  • Heavy-duty wheel.
  • Convenient support keeps tool upright when not in use.
  • Telescoping handle adjusts easily to correct working height.
  • Measure up to 10,000' (2 miles) without resetting.
Finger Tape

Kraft Finger Tape

  • Protect fingers from abrasions and cuts by wrapping individual fingers with cloth finger tape.
  • 180' per roll.
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