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Kraft Concrete Accessories

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Gunite Shoes - Pair

Kraft Gunite Shoes

One Size Fits All
  • 1" Steel Spikes
  • 2 Nylon adjustable straps securely hold gunite show to work boot.
Over The Shoe

Kraft Tough Rugged Construction Boots

Excellent in wet/muddy conditions
  • Rugged, heavy-duty vinyl boots made of the finest materials and for the toughest construction work.
  • Excellent in wet, muddy conditions.
  • Ideal for Construction/ Contracting-General industrial/safety- General outdoor, (boot height 16")
  • "Over The Sock" Black Boot
  • "Over The Shoe" Yellow Boot
Broken-in Rub Brick

Kraft Rub Bricks

Available in grits
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Replacement handles available

Superior Tile Setter's Rub Bricks

  • Smooth out and dress down tile, marble, granite or concrete with these high quality 6" x 2" x 1" silicon carbide rub bricks.
Carpenter Pencils

Sands Carpenter Pencils

Float Hook

Kraft Float Hook

  • Float hook clips to belt.
  • Holds hand floats and other tools.
Trowel Sharpener

Kraft Trowel Sharpener

  • Keeps edges sharp.
  • Ideal tool for eliminating small nicks and dull edges of finishing trowels.
Fresnos Weight

Kraft Fresnos Weight

  • Fits snugly over the 1/2" bar on your fresno and most bull floats.
  • At 5 lbs., this weight can achieve just the right amount of blade tension.
Broom Adapter

Kraft All-Angle Broom Adapter

  • Cut out section of adapter fits over broom bracket.
  • Adjustable angle.
  • Accepts broom thread handle.
Extension Handle Broom Adapter

Kraft Extension Handle Broom Adapter

  • Attach paint rollers, brooms, etc., to molded thread extension handles.
Twist-Tilt Broom/Fresno Bracket

Kraft Twist-Tilt Broom Fresno Bracket

  • Light, sturdy bracket used to adjust angles of broom heads.
  • Turn handle for quick angle adjustment.
  • Tighten to lock into place.
Fresno Bracket

Kraft Fresno Bracket

360 degree all-angle bracket
  • Hardware not included.
Trowel Bracket

Kraft Trowel Bracket

  • When used with a standard fresno handle this device turns a normal concrete steel finishing trowel into a small fresno.
  • Just remove handle and add bracket to trowel.
  • Fits on all Kraft finishing trowels.
  • Trowel not included
Center Line Groover

Kraft Center Line Groover

Great for decorative concrete applications.
Leaves a clear, fine line in concrete.
  • Groover is adjustable on any 5" wide fresno.
  • Slide groover to proper position and tighten.
  • Fresno not included.
EZY-Tilt® Fresno/Broom Adapter

Kraft EZY-Tilt® Fresno / Broom Adapter

Accepts 1 -3/8" and 1 -3/4" diam. button handles
  • To fit the following:
    • fresnos
    • brooms
    • walking edgers
    • groovers
Fresno Trowel Adapter

Kraft Fresno Trowel Adapter

Adapts 1 3/4" molded threaded handles
  • To fit the following:
    • fresnos
    • brooms
    • walking edgers
    • groovers
Threaded Button Handle Adapters - 1-3/4" Diam. Aluminum

Kraft Threaded Button Handle Clevis Adapters - 1-3/4" Diam. Aluminum

  • Threaded
    • Adapters allow finisher to use lightweight button handles with threaded type bracket assemblies
    • Also can be used to adapt other bracket and handle connections
  • Clevis
    • Clevis Adapter 1 -3/4"
    • Adapts clevis style tools to 1-3/4" snap style handles
1-3/8" Button Handle Style Adapters

Kraft Button Handle Style Adapters - 1-3/8" Diam.

Three different styles available
  • This adapter is for use with western type long handled tools. It is used with walking edgers, walking groovers, long handled trowels, fresnos, and other tools with post type or angle connectors.
  • This adapter converts western style handle trowels, fresnos, walking edgers, long handle groovers and brooms for use with threaded handles.
  • This adapter can be used with CC336 button handles and other similar handles. It is used to convert threaded float brackets for use with button handles.
Bronze Fresno Trowel Groover Bits

Kraft Bronze Fresno Trowel Groover Bits

Fits 5" wide fresnos
  • Change your fresno into a long-handled groover by simply turning the two thumbscrews.
  • Use more than one to make parallel grooves.
  • 1/4" radius.

Kraft Button Replacement Clips

  • Available in Single or Double Button
PorForm® Float Handle

Kraft Replacement ProForm® Handles

Soft textured with special ribbing for that "Great Grip"
  • 3 different handles to choose from
Wood Float Handle

Kraft Replacement Wood & Plastic Handles

  • 6 different handles to choose from
ProForm® Camel Back Handle

Kraft Replacement Handles for Concrete Finish Trowels

  • Available with 3 different handle choices: ProformĀ®, Camel Back or Straight Wood.
Screed Handles

Kraft Screed Handles

Two per package
  • Lightweight aluminum handles adapt to any screed size.
  • Drill holes and attach with hardware.

Kraft Replacement Wood Broom Handle

  • Replacement Handle 5' metal thread broom handle
Quick Change - Converter Bracket for Hand Held Tools

Kraft Quick Change - Converter Bracket for Hand Held Tools

  • Converts any hand tool Into a walking tool in seconds
  • Thumb screws hold bracket securely in place
  • Fits all bronze, stainless steel and blue steel hand tools
Handle Cleaning Brush

Kraft Handle Cleaning Brush

  • Ideal brush for cleaning out concrete that collects inside threaded and button handles.

Kraft Catalog

  • Request the latest Kraft Catalog
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