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Kraft Concrete Trowels

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Elite Series Clear View Trowel Carton

Kraft Elite Series Concrete Trowels

Engineered for the Professional Five Star Trowel™
  • Kraft Tool Co. proudly introduces a revolutionary new line of trowels.
  • The Elite Series Five Star Trowel is designed and engraved for the professional finisher.
  • These professional trowels are manufactured with state of the art machinery that precisely finish grindes the working surface of each individual trowel.
  • The innovating procedure enables these trowels to possess a truly "broken in" blade ready for immediate use.
  • The Elite Series, Five Star Trowel™ is available in 3 new handle styles that make these tools a finisher's favorite trowel: Proform®, Hardwood and Leather.
  • Unique, Lightweight No Turn Handle
  • Greater Flexibility & Durability to Reduce Fatigue
  • Power Pin Rivets for Exceptional Strength
  • Special edge protector to protect the trowel blade
  • Protector can also be used to hang trowels in storage
Concrete Finish Trowels

Kraft Concrete Finish Trowels

Precision Balanaced! Broken-in & Ready to Use!
  • Guaranteed "NO TURN" handle design locks handle to mounting.
  • Each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension for that perfect "Broken-in" feel.
  • High strength, light weight aluminum mounting.
  • Compression fit stainless steel rivets.
  • Oversized toe rivet for extra strength.
  • Comfortable ProForm® Handle with a special textured ribbing for that "Great Grip".
  • "Broken-in" edge for professional finish.
  • Available with 3 different handle choices: Proform®, Wood or Leather.
Pool Trowels - Swedish Stainless Steel

Kraft Pool Trowels

Professional Quality
  • Short shank more flexible blade
  • Long shank less flexible blade
  • Flexible high carbon steel
  • Forged aluminum shanks
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: Proform® or Camel Back Wood.

Kraft Plaster Trowels

Professional Quality
  • Made of heat treated Swedish stainless steel
  • Special alloy will not rust, pit, or stain
  • Forged aluminum shanks
  • Extra hard troweling blade for long wear
  • Hardened chrome surface great for pool work
  • Eliminates burn marks
  • Exposed rivets for extra strength
  • Forged aluminum shanks
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: Proform® or Camel Back Wood.
Plexi-Plastic Trowels

Kraft Plexi Plastic Trowels

  • Plexi-plastic trowel has an aluminum mounting and is made from a special plastic for better wear.
  • It is used on white portland, interior stucco, swimming pools, and on special projects requiring trowels that won't blacken material.
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: Proform® or Camel Back Wood.
Funny Trowel

Kraft Funny Trowel

Blue steel blade with handle bracket. Ideal for extra reach or finishing under overhangs or obstructions.

Kraft Carbon Steel Pipe Trowel

  • Finish hard to get places in half the time, with half the effort.
  • The offset handle lets you slip the trowel between pipes the long nose makes it easy to get behind fixtures.
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: Proform® or Straight Wood.

Kraft Carbon Steel Midget Trowel

  • Great for window sills, closets and small areas. Carry one in your tool bag for those tough jobs.
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: Proform® or Camel Back Wood.
Gunite Trowels

Kraft Gunite Trowels

Rivets have not been ground off
  • Same as regular concrete trowels, only rivets have not been ground off, making the trowel stronger for use on gunite.
  • Available with 2 handle choices: ProForm® or Straight Wood
Radius Bender

Kraft Radius Bender

For Free Hand Finishing
  • Radius bender is used for rounding and finishing corners of pools and other shot crete or gunite corners that need free hand finishing.
  • Blue steel 24" x 2-1/2".
Concrete Trowel

Hi-Craft™ Concrete Trowel

  • Carbon steel blade with aluminum mounting.
  • Fitted with camelback wood handle.
Trowel Sharpener

Kraft Trowel Sharpener

  • Keeps edges sharp.
  • Ideal tool for eliminating small nicks and dull edges of finishing trowels.
ProForm® Camel Back Handle

Kraft Replacement Handles for Concrete Finish Trowels

  • Available with 3 different handle choices: Proform®, Camel Back or Straight Wood.
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