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Kraft Darbies

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Mini Bull Float & Darby

Kraft Mini Bull Float & Darby

  • Unique T-slotted reinforcing rib (no threads to strip) adds strength and allows threaded bracket to be quickly set off center to work float around obstructions.
  • Two wood float handles can easily slide for adjusting to hand and curb work.
  • This float is also ideal for floating lightweight concrete on roof decks.
  • Use with threaded handles.
  • Handles ordered separately.

Kraft Tapered Magnesium Darby

  • The most popular lightweight 30" darby for precision finish work.
  • 3-1/2" wide at the heel, tapered to 2-1/4" at the toe.

Kraft Extruded Magnesium Darby with Knob Handle

  • This lightweight magnesium darby has a float type handle and a round knob handle.
  • Unique T-Channel design gives the finisher the option of sliding the handle position to their preference.
Extruded Magnesium Hand & Curb Darby with 2 Handles

Kraft Extruded Magnesium Hand & Curb Darby

  • Especially designed for curb work, this lightweight tool comes with one or two float type handles.
  • T-Channel design gives the finisher the option of adjusting handle position to their preference.
45" Tapered darby (3) hole handle

Kraft Tapered Laminated Canvas - Resin Darbies

  • Same as our other floats.
  • 3/8" thick; has rounded corners and broken in shape.
  • Ready to use.
36" (1) Hole Grip

Kraft Tapered Mahogany Darby & Replacement Handles

  • Darbies taper from about 3-1/2" at the heel to 2-1/2" at the front
  • Three sizes designed and made of clear seasoned wood.
  • Finished smooth and comes with either a (1), (2), or (3) hole grip.
  • Very popular with many concrete finishers.
Aussi Combo (Darby/Screed)

Kraft Aussi Combo Darby Screed

3 Sizes with adjustable handles.
  • This innovative tool can be used as a float, screed, or check rod when you want just the right finish.
  • Base of tool comes with a round edge for floating and a square edge for cutting and filling.
  • Lightweight magnesium with handles that adjust for comfort.
  • 10' Must ship via truck.
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