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Kraft Drywall T-Square & Hanging Tools

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High Visibility Drywall T-Square

Kraft High Visibility Yellow Drywall T-Square

  • Bright yellow for easy job site visibility.
  • Long wearing, black, easy to read markings.
  • Reversed ruled to read from either edge.
  • 2" wide blade.
Drywall T-Square

Kraft Drywall T-Square

  • Our silver anodized 48" T-Square with black easy-to-read markings will outwear all others.
  • Has stud locater markings, a notched head and is reverse ruled to read from either edge.
  • Blade width 2"
Drywall Hammer - Heavy-Duty

Kraft Drywall Hammer

  • Chrome, checkered face drywall hatchet styled hammer, is securely attached to wood handle for perfect balance.
Circle Cutter

Kraft Circle Cutter

  • 8-1/2" long calibrated steel shaft enables sharp, clean cuts up to 16" in diameter.
  • Hardened steel cutting blade and center point remain sharp.
  • Chrome plated for long wear.
Rockeater® - Drywall Saw

Kraft Rockeater® - Drywall Saw

  • Make fast, clean cuts in drywall.
  • 6" tempered blade.
  • Chisel point for plunging and scoring.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip.
Drywall Saw

Kraft Drywall Saw

  • This drywall saw blade is hardened and tempered for long wear.
  • Large, specially designed teeth cut quickly through wallboard.
  • 15" blade.
Utility Drywall Saw

Kraft Utility Drywall Saw

  • Rugged constructed with sharp point for easy penetration.
  • Heat treated aggressive 6" blade is anchored into hardwood handle with steel ferrule to prevent splitting.

Kraft Rasp & Replacement Blade

  • Rasp is the ideal tool to shave and form wood, vinyl, drywall and many other materials.
  • Handy tool to carry in the pocket or pouch.
  • Only 5-1/2" long.
Clinch-on Tool

Kraft Clinch - On Tool, Mallet & Repair Kit

  • Clinch - On tool is operated by a spring loaded arm.
  • A sharp blow from a rubber mallet drives the cornerbead on tight, centers it and clinches it in position without nails or screws.
Professional Drywall T-Squares

Sands Professional Drywall T - Squares

Available in 48" & 54" lengths
  • Bright clear anodized extruded aluminum
  • Four rivet construction designed for strength
  • Easy to read black graduations
Aluminum T-Squares

Sands Aluminum T - Squares

Accurate 90 degree angle
  • Bright anodized extruded aluminum
  • Easy to read black graduations
Combination Squares

Sands Combination Squares

Ideal for level, plumb & miter work
  • Level vial in the head of the square
  • Square has steel scribe and solid brass knurled thumb screw for adjustment
  • Easy to read permanently etched graduations
  • Available with plastic or zinc head
Carpenter Pencils

Sands Carpenter Pencils

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