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Kraft Flooring Tools

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Carpet Power Stretcher

Kraft Carpet Power Stretcher

Comes complete with power head, 4 extension tubes in a tough, durable heavy duty plastic case.
  • Stretcher adjusts from 3' to 22' Drive head has adjustable locking head for various lengths of stretching.
  • Stretcher adjusts from 3' to 22'.
  • Adjustment knob on head allows easy adjustment of power pins for various carpet thicknesses.
  • The driving head has an adjustment for partial carpet stretches.
  • Equipped with 4 standard size extension tubes, interchangeable with other popular models
Carpet Kit

Kraft Carpet Kit

Great starter kit
    Kit contains:
  • (1) FC500 Knee Kicker
  • (1) FC501 Heat Iron
  • (1) FC504 Carpet Knife
  • (1) FC509 Carpet Clamp
  • (1) FC510 Stair Tool
  • (1) FC530 Heat Seaming Tape
  • (1) WL050 Canvas Tool Bag
Adjustable Knee Kicker

Kraft Adjustable Knee Kicker

Foam-filled square bumper for comfort.
  • Adjustable kicker has a steel telescoping mechanism, with 4 adjustments for length, from 19" closed to 24"
  • Wide head grips carpets with (3) replaceable nap grippers, and 16 long adjustable hardened-steel pins.
  • Nine depth position settings of head to conform to all carpet thicknesses.
Carpet Clamp

Kraft Carpet Clamp

Makes pulling carpet effortless.
  • Big grip permits two-handed use.
  • Eliminates aching fingers and wrists by providing greater leverage.
  • Use either on carpet or vinyl.
Wide Stair Tool

Kraft Wide Stair Tool

Nickle Plated Steel
  • Constructed of tough, durable, alloy steel to withstand hammering.
  • The blade is ground to a perfect taper so as not to cut the carpet.
  • Nickel plating will not rust.
Heat Iron

Kraft Heat Iron

Low profile
  • Tool glides easily under carpets and permits the seams to be joined on the iron, while the adhesive is still hot.
  • "U" shaped handle provides strength and is tapered to slide easily by the seam edges.
  • Heat set tings are adjustable from 250 degrees to 350 degrees, for fast seaming.
  • Built-in heat shield protects sensitive pile fibers and synthetic backings.
Heat Seaming Tape

Kraft Heat Seaming Tape

A professional seam every time.
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential use.
  • Heat seaming iron melts the glue providing a strong durable adhesion to the carpet.
Electric Carpet Stapler

Kraft Electric Carpet Stapler and Staples

Jamb proof
  • Powerful 11 amp. tool drives staples into hardwoods.
  • Jamb-proof magazine holds 100 staples.
  • Features a built-in trigger-lock for safety.
  • The stapler height fits under step-raisers for easy stapling and features a special designed pointed tip.
Deluxe Carpet Knife

Kraft Deluxe Carpet Knife & Replacement Blades

Includes (5) blades.
  • Knife is made of cast aluminum, with a bright polished surface.
  • Rear-loading blade storage for quick access to extra blades.
Deluxe Carpet Trimmer

Kraft Deluxe Carpet Trimmer & Replacement Blades

Comes with 5 blades.
  • This carpet trimmer has a four-position adjustable throat to accommodate varying pile height and density.
  • Easy-loading blade holders and stainless steel angled wall runners eliminate marking. Vinyl-coated ratchet-mounted handle pivots to permit trimming under toe spaces.
Cushion Back Cutter

Kraft Cushion Back Cutter & Replacement Blades

Includes (5) blades.
  • Designed especially for trimming and cutting super dense 5/64" gauge foam or sponge- back carpets.
  • Double 30 degree angle blades cut either side of the row close and clean to help produce better seams.
  • Special designed front guide and beveled bottom makes it easier to stay in a row.
Vinyl Roller

Kraft Vinyl Roller

Constructed of solid steel.
  • Rollers have smooth surfaces, and rounded corners to protect flooring materials from indentations.
  • Each roller section "floats" independently and automatically compensates for subfloor irregularities.
  • Handle yoke detaches for easy carrying and storage.
Tile Hole Saw

Kraft Tile Hole Saw

Fits on electric drill.
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped hole saw cuts clean holes fast and easy.
  • The tungsten carbide edges cut a 1-3/8" diameter hole.
  • Works well on both ceramic and quarry tile.
  • Ideal for faucet and shower head pipes.
Vinyl Tile Cutter

Kraft Vinyl Tile Cutter

A proven tile cutter for the professional or do-it-yourselfer.
  • So accurate and easy to operate, the user will save up to 30% on labor time.
  • The 12-3/4" wide blade cuts 9" x 9" tile diagonally or 12" x 12" tile straight.
  • Designed to cut all resilient floor tiles.
  • Comes with tile guide for repeat cuts.
Laminate Cutter

Kraft Laminate Cutter

New Design
  • Long curved cutting blade breaks laminated planks with pressure at point of contact.
  • Cuts square ends up to 8" wide and 0.40" thick.
  • Eliminates dust and sawing.
  • Plank support included.
Heavy-Duty Scraper

Kraft Heavy Duty Scraper & Replacement Blades

Includes (1) 5" blade
  • Large metal handle is weighted to produce inertia, for easier scraping.
  • Heavy-duty blade carrier has (3) tightening screws.
  • 15" hammer-end handle ideal for rubber mallet use.
Big Floor Scraper

Kraft Big Floor Scraper & Replacement Blade

The perfect tool for floor preparation.
  • Features an 8" wide heavy-duty replacement blade, and a twist-lock adjustable telescoping handle.
  • Handle length adjusts from 39" to 59".
Multi-Undercut Saw

Kraft Multi Undercut Saw & Replacement Blade

Carrying case included.
  • Saw cuts along walls, door jambs, toe spaces and inside corners.
  • Height adjusts from flush to 1" above the floor.
  • Comes with 36 tooth carbide blade made specifically for Multi- Undercut Saw.
  • 110 volt.
  • Weight 11 lbs.
Door Jamb Super Saw

Kraft Door Jamb Super Saw & Replacement Blades

Powerful 13 amp., 110V motor.
  • Saw allows undercutting of doors, door jambs, inside corners or walls.
  • Blade height adjustable from flush to maximum 1-1/4".
  • Cuts doors 1-3/4" without removal.
  • Complete with (1) combination and (1) masonry blade, detailed instructions and durable plastic carrying case.
  • Weight 14 lbs.
Linoleum Knife

Hi-Craft™ Linoleum Knife

  • Lets you easily make even, accurate cuts in hard core vinyl or softer materials.
  • Extra heavy sharp point. Made of carbon steel.
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