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Kraft Jointers, Rakers & Beaters

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Hubbard Jointers

Kraft Hubbard Jointers & Replacement Blades

"The Original"
  • Hubbard jointer was designed by a bricklayer in the business for 60 years.
  • More knuckle clearance, replaceable blades, long lasting.
  • Jointer comes assembled with one 12" blade, one 5/8" blade, one 3/4" blade, and one 7/8" blade is included in set.
  • Keep the handle - replace the blades.
  • Overall length 8-1/2".
Brick Jointers

Kraft Brick Jointers

Made of high carbon steel
  • Each end makes a different size joint.
  • Overall length 10-1/2"
Kraft (Ultra Hard) S Jointers

Kraft "S" Jointers

Ultra Hard Long wearing.
  • The patented "S" curve allows you to approach or maintain different pitch angles while jointing the mortar.
  • Overall length 9-1/4".
Diamond "V" Head Jointers

Kraft Diamond "V" Head Jointers

For striking head joints.
  • Forged from carbon steel.
  • Overall length 9".
Plexiglass Jointers

Kraft Plexiglass Jointers

For white mortar.
  • Will not discolor or leave black marks.
  • Overall length 11-1/4"
Variable Convex Jointer

Kraft Variable Convex Jointer

Extra hard
  • Tempered steel jointer for tile, brick and mortar joints.
  • Produces smooth hall round sunken joints.
  • Jointer tapers from 5/8" to 7/8" on curvature.
  • Legs measure 3-1/2" and 4-1/4" long.
  • Easy to handle tool adjusts to various joint widths.
Heavyweight Convex Jointers

Kraft Heavyweight Convex Jointers

For half round sunken joints
  • Large at one end, tapered at the other to produce half round sunken joints.
Double End Grapevine Jointers

Kraft Double End Grapevine Jointers

Quality bricklayers tool
  • Forged from high quality tool steel Overall length 8"
Grapevine Jointer

Kraft Grapevine Jointer

Choice of 3 handles
  • Forged carefully from high carbon steel, this jointer is especially convenient when the job calls for this special joint.
  • 6" x 1/2" blade.
MASONRY Barbell Jointer®

Kraft Masonry Barbell Jointer®

2 per package
  • 7-1/2" Long with 5/8" and 1/2" round head
  • Made of high quality tool steel
  • Faster jointing
  • Even wear
  • Longer life
  • Round head - joints in all directions
  • Eliminates changing hand or positions
  • Keeps knuckles away from wall
  • When using fast setting mortar, the Masonry Barbell Jointer™ allows you to put more pressure with less effort
Combination Raker-Jointer

Kraft Combination Raker - Jointer

For rough materials
  • Raker-jointer is used on rough materials such as adobe brick, split stone, and split block.
  • It has a 3/4" jointer on one end, and a 5/16" raker blade at the other end.
  • Overall length 10".
Low Cost Joint Raker

Kraft Joint Raker

Low Cost
  • Lets you work where you can't with a wheeled jointer.
  • The 5/16" joint raker is offset to throw out mortar as you rake.
  • A 5/16" and 3/8" tab at the ends help you rake the comers.
  • Overall length 8".
Skate Wheel Joint Raker

Kraft Skate Wheel Joint Raker

Masons love this big wheeled joint raker.
  • Wheels are 1-3/4" in diameter, mounted 1-3/4" apart. Overall width is 3".
  • Has 8-1/2" aluminum handle that is squared off at the end so you can rod joints.
  • Hardened nail is adjusted for depth.
Aluminum Solid Wheel Joint Raker

Kraft Aluminum Solid Wheel Joint Raker

The aluminum handle can be used for tooling joints.
  • Has solid steel wheels which bridge the joint and has an adjustable nail for raking joints.
Stone & Brick Beader (Grapevine)

Kraft Stone & Brick Grapevine Beader

Double end.
  • Produces 5/16" raised joints for that popular Southern look.
  • Overall length 11-1/2"
Lightweight Concave Stone Beaders

Kraft Lightweight Concave Stone Beaders

Produces raised half round beaded joints.
  • Each beader provides 2 size beads.
  • Overall length 10-1/2"
Double Blade Slicker

Kraft Double Blade Slicker

Each end makes a different size joint.
  • Forged from the highest grade carbon steel.
  • Overall length 11-1/4".
Brick & Stone Marker

Kraft Brick & Stone Marker

Lightweight aluminum tool for cutting out mortar joints
  • A cutting tool for producing imitation brick and stone.
  • Heat treated blade is 1/2" wide.
  • Overall length 10".
Double End Deco "V" Jointer

Kraft Double End Deco "V" Jointer

Use in conjunction with texture mats for touch up or cutting of small grooves.
  • Double End Deco "V" Jointer is made of high quality aluminum.
  • Groover designed to cut 5/8" or 3/4" joints.
  • A must tool for every finisher.
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