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Kraft Plaster Other Tools

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Ornamental Tools

Kraft Ornamental Tools

The plasterer's delight Forged and tempered.
Stucco Dash Brush

Kraft Stucco Dash Brush

Stucco dash brush has 8 rows x 4 rows on 5" x 2-1/4" block.
Blister Brush

Kraft Blister Brush & Replacement Pads

Just the tool to easily apply water or pick water up off newly finished surfaces. Also handy for cement finishing. Has removable hardwood handle with steel ferrule. Insert felt pads into a 1-1/4" x 7-1/2" aluminum channel with sturdy 1/8" sidewalls. Comes with two 4" x 8-7/8" felt pads.
Angle Plane

Kraft Angle Plane

Use this handy tool instead of your trowel blade to work down high spots, scrape walls and clean angles. It has 7 blue steel blades, 1-1/4" deep.
Magnetic Nail Hammer

Kraft Magnetic Nail Hammer

Grips nail tightly. Lets you into tight places. 12-1/2" handle. Weighs 25 oz.
Magnetic Nail Drivers

Kraft Magnetic Nail Drivers

Made of stainless steel. Grips nails tightly. Lets you reach really tight spots. Has 5/8" hexagonal shank, giving you a good grip.
Regular Dutch Brush

Kraft Regular Dutch Brush

Used by plasterers, painters, stucco workers and cement finishers. Made of Tynex nylon set in rubber.
Plasterer's Scarifier

Kraft Plasterer's Scarifier

Used to easily scratch undercoats so finish coat will bond and not separate. Has light, flexible steel tines, all welded construction, steel handle.
Sheet Metal Cutting Shears

Kraft Sheet Metal Cutting Shears

A favorite with sheet metal, lath and tile professionals. Cuts sheet metal, tile, asphalt, wire, plastic, shingling, carpets. Forged snips are contoured for easier cutting, less fatigue. New style.
Offset/Bent Pattern Snips

Kraft Offset/Bent Pattern Snips

Drop forged. Offset blades keep hands clear of metal. Blades individually hand edged for maximum cutting. Rust resistant blades.
End Cut Nippers

Kraft End Cut Nippers

Comfortably cut wire all day long with these steel lather's nippers. 8" and 9" nippers have plastic handle grips.
Wiss Snips Aviation Style

Kraft Wiss Snips Aviation Style

Perfect for metal lath work. Double action Plastic color coded grips for safety/comfort.
Lightweight Aluminum Snips

Kraft Lightweight Aluminum Snips

Comfortable, lightweight tool cuts up to 22 gauge steel and stainless steel up to 26 gauge. Great for vinyl, aluminum siding, vinyl flooring, and roofing materials.
Multi-Master Snips

Kraft Multi-Master Snips

Extra long 3" blades for easier faster cutting. Compound action cutting system cuts twice as long as standard snips. Cuts up to #20 gauge steel.
Mitre Rod

Kraft Mitre Rod

Knife edge is ideal for cutting cornices on plaster walls. Durable steel construction. All rods are 4" wide.
Flat Wire Texture Broom

Kraft Flat Wire Texture Broom

Produces a uniform groove surface. Blockhead is 11-1/8" long. Flatwire tines measure 3-5/8" in length on 1/2" spacing. Perfect for those small jobs.
Float Hook

Kraft Float Hook

  • Float hook clips to belt.
  • Holds hand floats and other tools.
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