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Kraft Straightedges

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BuckEye™ Straightedge with Level Vial Handle

Kraft BuckEye™ Straightedge

Adjustable Level Vial Handle
  • One man straightedge for striking off, leveling and bringing concrete to surface grade.
  • Top reading spring loaded level vial for easy on the job adjustments.
  • Made of lightweight high grade aluminum alloy.
  • Wood handle tapered for smooth comfortable grip.
  • 10' & 12' must ship via truck.
Redwood Striker™ Straightedge/Screed

Kraft Redwood Striker™ Straightedge Screed

  • Made of the finest redwood, this tool is great for striking off concrete and leveling other material.
  • 3 popular lengths with convenient hand hole spacing.
  • 2 widths with rounded edges won't dig into material.
  • 8' & 10' lengths can be ordered with adjustable level vial.
  • 10' must ship via truck.
Magnesium Super Flat Pavers Straightedge

Kraft Magnesium Super Flat Pavers Straightedge

"Bump Cutter"
  • Durable, accurate straightedge and checking tool, lets user produce flat, even surface.
  • Knucklehead ll Bracket adjusts blade to fill and level uneven areas.
  • Comes complete with braces, 10' (CC291) button handle, Knucklehead II Bracket and roller bearing collar for easy adjustments.
  • Must ship via truck
Aluminum Pavers Straightedge

Kraft Aluminum Pavers Straightedge

  • A lightweight durable, accurate straightedge and checking tool.
  • Easy to handle, which makes inspection easy.
  • Comes with 10' threaded (CC228) handle and braces.
  • Must ship via truck.
Magnesium Pavers Straightedge

Kraft Magnesium Pavers Straightedge

Genuine Extru-Lite® Magnesium
  • An excellent checking tool.
  • It is a lightweight, durable, accurate straightedge.
  • Easy to handle, which makes inspection of slabs easy.
  • Comes with 12' threaded (CC229) handle and braces.
  • Must ship via truck.
Buckaroo™ Straightedge with Level Vial Handle

Kraft Buckaroo™ Straightedge with Level Vial Handle

Available in 4 sizes
  • One man straightedge for floating or striking off concrete.
  • Smooth tapered handle includes top reading adjustable level vial for easy positioning.
  • Base of tool comes with round edge for floating and square edge for cutting.
  • Made from magnesium, very lightweight.
  • Ideal for concrete and landscape construction.
  • 10' Must ship via truck.
(5) PC Aluminum Straightedge Set

PC Aluminum Straightedge Set

  • Straight edge set L shape
  • Sizes : 1-1/2', 2', 3', 4-1/2' & 6'
  • 3-1/2" Wide x 1-1/4" High
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