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Kraft Wood Hand Floats

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Beveled Redwood Float

Kraft Beveled Redwood Float

  • Made of the best top quality clear heart redwood.
  • The float face is beveled to make it possible to work in the tightest quarters.
Bodark Wood Float

Kraft Bodark Wood Float

  • Bodark floats outlast ordinary floats. Handle is bonded to the blade.
  • Popular with many finishers.
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: ProForm® or Wood.
Teakwood Float

Kraft Teakwood Float

  • Very hard, long wearing 5/8" thick float.
  • Comes with 10" Float handle.
Redwood Float

Kraft Redwood Float

  • Best top quality clear heart redwood floats with comfortable handles.
  • Lightweight, a pleasure to work with.
  • You'll have many uses for these two popular sizes.
Wood Hand Floats-Laminated Canvas-Resin Float-Round Ends

Kraft Laminated Canvas - Resin Float

  • Wears like magnesium for extremely long wear.
  • Laminated canvas-resin is 3/8" thick with broken-in face.
  • Ready to use.
  • Available with 2 different handle choices: ProForm® or Wood and either round or square ends.
Laminated Canvas - Resin Darby

Kraft Laminated Canvas - Resin Darby

  • Same as our other floats.
  • Long wearing canvas-resin 3/8" thick; has rounded corner; and broken in shape.
  • Ready to use.
  • Perfect tool for curb and gutter forming.
Cast Magnesium Drain Float

Kraft Cast Magnesium Drain Float

  • Beveled to allow finisher to use around floor drains and other areas where water drainage or run off is essential.
  • "Broken-in" blade is hand ground.
8" Bevel

Kraft Cast Magnesium Beveler Floats

  • Float designed to provide an 8" or 12" bevel in front of overhead doors for water drainage.
  • Blade measures 16" x 3-1/4".
Cali Mahogany Wood Float

Hi-Craft™ Cali Mahogany Wood Float

  • Made of Asian Mahogany.
  • Float is 3-1/2" wide and 1/2" thick.
  • Fitted with a smooth wood handle.

Sands Contractor Wood Floats

Available in 2 sizes
  • Made of Clear Red Wood
  • Wood Handle
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