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Kraft Tool Co. > Sands Levels and Tool Co.® > Sands Carpenter Squares & Angle Stair Gauge  

Sands Carpenter Squares & Angle Stair Gauge

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Carpenter Squares

Sands Carpenter Squares

25 different squares available
  • Available Features:
    • Rafter Framing Rule
    • Octagon Scale
    • Brace Measure
    • 1/100 Scale
    • Essex Board Measure
    • Reverse Reading Rule
    • Metric Equivalents
    • Wood Screw Drill Size
    • Protractor
    • Useful Information
    • Nail Information
    • Decimal Equivalents
    • Screw Thread Gauge
    • Board Foot Table
Angle - Stair Gauge

Sands Angle - Stair Gauge

Solid brass
  • Attach to metal carpenter square for accurate, repeat angle cuts on rafters, stairs, etc.
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